Arugula/Spinach Pesto!

Arugula/Spinach Pesto!

Pestos are a wonderful summer meal. Quick and easy to make, the whole thing is done by the time the pasta water is boiling. We add toasted Pawnee Pecans, from Berdols, instead of Pine Nuts.


  • Arugula/Spinach pesto is made two to one, meaning it uses two times more of the first ingredient than the second.
  • We use two times more Arugula than Spinach
  • two times more Parsley than Basil
  • two times more Parmesan than Romano cheese
  • We make our Pestos with a food processor for ease and smoothness of texture.


  1. In food processor add two parts Arugula to one part Spinach, two parts Italian Parsley to one part Sweet Basil, add peeled garlic cloves to taste, add two parts Parmesan to one part Romano Cheese and a generous hand full of toasted Pecans.
  2. Swirl Extra Virgin Olive Oil over the top, about one-third of a cup.
  3. After securing the top of the food processor, pulse until the mix is the consistency of herbed butter.
  4. Serve over Angel Hair Pasta and top with a dusting of both cheeses and toasted Pecans.
  5. Serve with a fresh Ceasar Salad and you have a cool summertime meal. Enjoy.


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