Glean the Farm Pepper Ragu

Glean the Farm Pepper Ragu

This is a very simple recipe for all.  Really to be treated more as a guideline.  Before the first frost we always glean the ripe peppers and tomatoes from the plants to minimize the potential loss. We then mix all the peppers with the ripened straggler tomatoes and the Ragu begins.  We will want:


  • Mixed Peppers, a good ratio of sweet and hot (Green, Yellow and\or Red Bell, Banana, Jalapeno, Hungarian Wax) 
  • Tomatoes, a mix of cherry tomatoes is best (over-ripe is okay) 
  • Onion, cut in half and sliced  
  • Garlic, 3 cloves, minced 
  • EVOO, Worcestershire Sauce, Butter, Salt, and Pepper
  • ( Pineapple made be added to make a delicious variation)


  1. cut peppers into equal size pieces
  2. slice onion and cut slices in half, mince garlic
  3. Heat pan, adding EVOO, add onion and garlic
  4. stir fry until onion softened, add assorted peppers, add salt and pepper
  5. stir fry until softened, add tomatoes, and toss mixture. stir occasionally
  6. add Worcestershire sauce and a pad of butter
  7. stir until well mixed
  8. continue cooking the mix, stirring occasionally, until tomatoes pop (pineapple may be added here)
  9. serve on a hamburger, a baked potato, or a steak, it is an excellent Ragu Enjoy!


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