Roasted Tomato and Artichoke Soup

Easy to make and Delicious recipe. Fill a roasting pan with medium size, vine ripened tomatoes (we used a dozen Porters). Add one onion chopped in chunks and peeled cloves of garlic to taste (we used six), drizzle a fair amount of extra virgin Olive oil on top. Roast in oven until lightly charred on top. Add everything into your soup pot and add vegetable stock by a third. Add frozen Artichoke hearts, Oregano, Chives and Italian Parsley and simmer. Adding a rind of parmesan cheese to the soup adds a great depth of flavor, if you have it. Simmer on low until liquid is reduced by one third. Serve in your favorite soup bowl, sprinkle with grated parmesan cheese and with a piece of warm hard crusted bread, you have a delicious meal fresh from the garden. A delicious option in serving is to add a toasted piece of French bread with your favorite pesto to the center of your soup bowl on top of the Roasted Tomato Soup with Artichokes. Enjoy!


Deena Spellman

A Texas State graduate with a B.S. in Botany and an Associate Degree in Horticulture, Deena Spellman recently celebrated her 21st anniversary as a professional in the field of gardening. She operates Bastrop Botanical Gardens which includes a Labyrinth registered in the United Kingdom Registry, a landscape company, Heirloom Tea Room, and a nursery. All are open by scheduled appointment where she especially enjoys sharing her extensive knowledge with small groups of like-minded gardeners.

  • Ana McDonald says:

    Deena, what do you mean by “ add vegetable stock by a third”?

  • Jo Anne Tuck says:

    Looks yummy. Will try. Our Tomatoes are just coming in up here.

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