Homemade Enchilada Sauce

There is nothing more tasty than a homemade Enchilada sauce. Takes an Enchilada dinner to the next level. We use Fiesta Brand dried Chili’s, Chili Pasilla, for this sauce. Along with Fiesta Brand Bay leaves and dried Mexican Oregano.

In a large saucepan, with small a amount of oil, add twelve tomatoes, four cloves of garlic and one chopped sweet onion, two bay leaves and a palm full of Mexican Oregano, salt and pepper. Cover and cook till tomato skins are lose and onion is translucent. Add two cups of liquid, water or chicken stock, of choice. Deseed five dried Pasilla chilis, cut into ribbons and add to liquid. Cover and simmer twenty minutes. Add two tablespoons butter and a palmful of Comino. Simmer 10 minutes more. Remove tomatoes skins and allow liquid to cool.

Once liquid is cool, use a submersion blender to blend the sauce until smooth. At this point, add a dusting of Smoked Paprika and Comino and a dash of salt to taste. Place back of the heat and reduce sauce by one third. Allow sauce to cool and freeze for use in the next three months.

Deena Spellman

A Texas State graduate with a B.S. in Botany and an Associate Degree in Horticulture, Deena Spellman recently celebrated her 21st anniversary as a professional in the field of gardening. She operates Bastrop Botanical Gardens which includes a Labyrinth registered in the United Kingdom Registry, a landscape company, Heirloom Tea Room, and a nursery. All are open by scheduled appointment where she especially enjoys sharing her extensive knowledge with small groups of like-minded gardeners.